We all feel the pull of the tide, the salt of the shore and the cold beneath our feet.

Would you tell me of your own lands and skies, the sands and the forests that you dream of? I need to witness your sunrises and your stars...




And for that you need a photographer,

Hi, I am Nikola Saev.

I chase cinematic framing, emotional ambience, dramatic light and most of all - your true natures.

My photography style is not saturated with colors, but every one of them is there for a reason.

Photograph by: Dimitri Stefanov

It is important that we connect

In Action - Video captured and edited by Richard Chucks.

One has to

know love

to see it in the others...

One has to

know love

to see it in the others...

Imagine all WE CAN Create

here it is...

Wedding photography

Let's make it fun and never forget it! I like to capture candid photographs of moments, emotions, gentle and intimate gestures. Your laughs and your tears. You need to feel what we are about to make together, and it needs to resonate within.

Romantic photo stories

These photosessions are for you - to get you unwind and be the most goofy version of yourselves. Put everything else on 'Silent Mode', have fun and show your true love for one another. Nobody has ever photographed you like that ever before!



I don't need you to be actors, for you to be in your own epic tale of a family! It is enough that you share this deep connection - your story is already special. And I can help you shape it by spending time with you, photographing you for a whole day.

You were looking for a photographer...

You've actually found an author. I believe in every emotion in front of me and I make photographs that matter to both of you.

My photography will show you how you've made me feel - isn't it the most special thing?

I have only one rule

Don't let anybody fool you otherwise! Your story deserves to be told like poetry.

Take Me To Your Work

Are you curious?

To be part of of all this, to get in front of my camera and see what worlds we can create together?

And I would love for you to...

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