wedding ahead?

Keep calm and just say 'I do!'


We can go wild! Or we can call it Glamour. It's not enough to JUST have 'wedding photos'.

My goal? Invoke your special love and then tell you about it in a story of shattering images.

You didn't think

your STORY is an

ordinary one, did you?

It won't be just a memory.

Every detail, every touch, remembered just as it were...

And what about a romantic dream?

Nothing fancy, just love...

We could shoot in the quiet of your home, madly inlove and widly crazy. But if you dream of a love story under the showers of a waterfall or on the shores of the sea - my backpack is already packed!

Any idea, any location.

Bring your best MOOD,

I'll do the rest.

I will be the excited hiker, the chaser of sunsets, the invisible ninja and your helping assistant.

I am your most cool friend, who you haven't met, yet!

already excited?

Take a breath and choose from the options below. There is no way to get it wrong.

WEDDING Photography

Some things are just right. Here I haven't missed a thing. I capture a whole Wedding day - your Preparation, all Rituals, a Photosession, the Reception. A story unfolds with every photograph. Contact me and we will discuss every detail!

from 2300 BGN


Phone pictures are one thing. To trust a photographer who seeks your most precious emotions is much more special experience. We need a charming location, nice light and you in focus. If you want me to capture your free loving selves, pick this option!

At 400 BGN



You have an upcoming anniversary and you want it to feel like the day it all started? Or you plan a Christening and wonder how would it look like photographed? I got you, there is much to be done, so don't hesitate to write and make me part of your special Celebration!

AT 250 BGN per hr.

Your Adventure is Close By...