when you know, you know...

to discover the right photographer for you both - it is an inner thing, right?

If what I do is speaking a certain way to you - let's have a conversation!

pure moments, a good laugh and a pocket full of memories...


For Weddings

For Weddings

I would love to connect in person and I am only a phone call away.

my cell: +359 897 673 666

If this is exciting, imagine the moment when you will look at your own photographs.

other couples already asked me

What if we are both shy of the camera?

Everybody is and that's ok! We are not all models who dance with the camera and I don't want you to be. I want you to be yourselves, because I chase the real people and their personalities. When you forget about me and my camera, things will start to become amaing!

In what timeframe are you ready with our photos?

The next days I will send you 10 edited emotional photos from your Wedding - share them with your closest ones and see yourselves on your day. All the rest are going to be ready in 12 weeks. You can request a quicker timeframe, just ask me for it in your message or call!

Do you travel to other towns or countries?

Most certainly! I rarely sit in Sofia at all. I love to travel, to shoot on new locations. Invite me and I will reach any spot for you. I remind that currently my travel expenses are included in my costs, there are no additional charges.

Are your photos edited, can we get RAW Phootage?

The Photographs that you will receive are edited. As an author I wish to be recognizible by my ambient and artistic approach. I do not send RAW files. I will make a selection from all the shots we have made together. While I do not limit the number of photos I will send you, I will exclude all technically wrong shots - bad framing, bad exposure, or frames where you don't look your best.

How long does a Romantic shoot take?

For a Romantic Photoshoot we will have 2 hours. I have noticed that the first 30 minutes we need to break the ices. After you are comfortable, we begin to truly spark and ignite. The photographs at the end are only proof of the best time we've had.

What should we wear for a shoot?

Not to worry, I will advise you accordingly. It's good to wear something you are comfortable in and makes you confident. I will suggest certain tones depending on the location we choose and tell you what to avoid.

Not certain which option is right for you?

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