I am Nikola Saev.

The person behind the lens. My passion is to take photographs. What led me to Wedding Photography is the thrill in capturing romantic love stories all over the country - from mountain forests to sea shores. I am a seeker of layers - I get inspired by every couple's unique gestures and the way they touch, embrace, the way they breathe their love.

My work is truly a journey filled with fun, impusle and adrenaline. I have to be honest - shooting more and more intriguing Wedding and Romantic stories at all corners of Bulgaria definetly adds a spice to all things, the feeling is an unnatural joy.

I get excited in the moments before starting a shoot, usually in my car getting to the location. I guess, it is much like with the actors before they go on stage? Therefore, when I get to the location and I greet the people, I start making photographs almost straight away. Any impatience goes away with just a several clicks of the shutter and I get to ride my game.

Photograph by: Daniel Mihaylov

For me...

To photograph is to go against the inevitability of Entropy.

It is an attempt to create a grain of Order in the midst of Chaos,

to explain to myself the vast world around us,

to challenge myself.

WHat I do fits best to

Couples who want to know new experiences, new freedoms of expression. Inlove, who wish to see themsleves inlove and care about the beautiful in their own story.

Do you recognize yourselves already?

They did!

They did!

“We were so worried we wouldn't be able to relax in front of the camera and will seem awkward, but you just got us so calm, you took away all the tension and we really had fun while shooting with you. We didn't think at all we are going to see so passioante, romantic selves. We are sure that you were the right person for us.”

Not long ago I joined the most progressive photographic community in Bulgaria - Before Creating Academy. First as a student, now I grew up to teach classes of my own. To share my knowledge and know-how with other aspiring photographers, to discuss photography and to guide them in becoming authors themselves, this is the greatest reward I could wish for!

it is all about passion

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